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Druid Leveling Guide

In this Druid leveling Guide you will discover some tips, tricks and strategies to consider when playing World of Warcraft as a Druid.

When you become a Druid while playing World of Warcraft (WoW), you will become one of the most effective of the players in the game. Druids are one of the hybrid classes, which means the Druid will not be as strong at certain abilities as one who has more specialized abilities, however a Druid is actually able to do some of everything which makes this character a great choice for anyone playing the game.

Given that you won't be as strong at some abilities, it is very important for you to work on the Druid’s Leveling Skills. As a Druid you can only be an Elf or a Tauren, remember to read about there abilities when you are one of those.

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The Druid is easily leveled and will grind pretty quickly. Druid's only need a very short amount of downtime when damaged, which means more time playing the game. You can choose the type of build you want to use. There is Balance, Feral and Restoration, which are all great to use. For most players trying to reach advanced levels pretty quickly, you want to choose feral for your build which gives you a lot of options, especially when you are working on your Druid’s Leveling.

Use of feral specs is a great way for a person who is leveling and an easy way to grind. You must remember that even though the Druid is a hybrid, you shouldn't over balance the character and don’t forget to get as much healing talent as you can. You should take your time and focus mainly on getting as much feral talent as possible.

You will also want to shake your opponents up a little by starting out in another zone besides the one most people start their Druid’s leveling from. If a person is in the Alliance they will usually start in the area where the Night Elf does. They will also start of in that area where the Horde Tauren starts. You get the chance to start where ever you want to, so shake the game up a little and start out in another zone.

In most cases when you are part of the Horde faction, you will be able to reach your personal levels much faster because they are willing to start in the Blood Elf Zone instead of your own natural starting zones.

Just complete as many quests as you can and you will find that many of the quests are very interesting and you will enjoy the speed that you are able to level by simply going to a start zone different from yours.

Next if you are going to get your Druid’s Leveling up quickly, you will need to get off to an early start learning your profession. The best Druid professions are skinning, leatherworking, alchemy and herbalism.

It is very expensive if your job is leatherworking so unless you have a ton of gold, you may want to try one of the other skills first.

The purpose of this Druid Leveling Guide is to quickly get you through the first levels, particularly 1 – 20. By simply doing the few things that are mentioned above, you will be able to level quickly and to get on with other important tasks during your game.

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