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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Enchanting Leveling Guide

If you choose WoW enchantment as one of your professions when playing Worlds of Warcraft you will want to know how to level up your skills quickly and easily - thats exactly what we are going to discuss in this WoW Enchanting Leveling Guide.

You will find that you need a lot of gold especially if you buy your materials at the Auction House. You will really need to learn gold making if you are going to go this route. Another thing is that you will not be able to sell a lot of your enchantments until you reach skill level 350 because you don’t get any great ones till then.

When choosing what skill you want to combine with Enchanting, I suggest you choose Tailoring. These two skills combine together very well.

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Enchanting Leveling Guide, Part 1 - WoW Enchanting Apprentice

To get started with Enchanting you will need to go to a trainer at one of the cities of Old Azeroth to become a WoW Enchanting Apprentice.

Skill Level 1 - 2
You will need to make 1 Runed Copper Rod using 1 Copper Rod, 1 Lesser Magic Essence and 1 Strange Dust.

Skill Level 3 – 50
Disenchant green items or you can make 48 Enchant Bracers (gives Minor Health) using 48 Strange Dust.
WoW Enchanting Journeyman

At this level you will need to return to your trainer to become a WoW Enchanting Journeyman.

Enchanting Leveling Guide, Part 2 - WoW Enchanting Journeyman

Skill Level 51 – 90
You will need to make 40 Enchant Bracers (Minor Health) using 40 Strange Dust.

Skill Level 90 – 100
You will need to make 10 Enchant Bracers (Minor Stamina) using 30 Strange Dust.

Skill Level 101
You will need to make 1 Runed Silver Rods using 3 Greater Magic Essence, 6 Strange Dust, 1 Silver Rod and 1 Runed Copper Rods.

Skill Level 102 – 110
You will need to make 9 Greater Magic Wands using 9 Greater Magic Essence and 9 Simple Wood.

Skill Level 111 – 135
If you are part of the Horde you will need to travel to the Stonetalon Mountains to find Kulwia while the Alliance must travel to Ashenvale to find Dalria. You will then be able to purchase the recipe for the Enchant Bracer (Lesser Strength) and the Enchant Cloak (Minor Agility). You will need to make 25 Enchant Cloaks (Minor Agility) using 25 Lesser Astral Essence.

At this level you will need to go to your trainer to become a WoW Enchanting Expert.

Enchanting Leveling Guide, Part 3 - WoW Enchanting Expert

Skill Level 136 – 155
You will need to make 20 Enchant Bracers (Lesser Stamina) using 40 Soul Dust.

Skill Level 156
You need to make 1 Runed Golden Rods using 2 Greater Astral Essence, 1 Iridescent Pearls, 2 Soul Dust, 1 Golden Rod and 1 Runed Silver Rod.

Skill Level 157 – 185
You will need to make 40 Enchanter Bracers (Lesser Strength) using 80 Soul Dust.
This recipe will go yellow at skill level 165, however if it is possible to buy the 2 Soul Dusts for a lot less gold that the 1 Lesser Mystic Essence then you will definitely want to keep making them till you get to skill level 185. If it cost more then you will want to change to another recipe at 165:
You will make 20 Enchant Bracers (Spirit) using 20 Lesser Mystic Essence.

Skill Level 185 – 200
You will make 15 Enchant Bracers (Strength) using 15 Vision Dust.

Skill Level 200 - 275
WoW Enchanting Artisan

You will need to go to your trainer to become a WoW Enchanting Artisan.

Enchanting Leveling Guide, Part 4 - WoW Enchanting Artisan

Skill Level 200 - 201
You will need to make a Runed Truesilver Rod using 1 Truesilver Rod, 1 Black Pearl, 2 Greater Mystic Essence, 2 Vision Dust, and 1 Runed Golden Rod.

Skill Level 202 - 220
You will need to make 25 Enchant Bracer (Strength) using 25 Vision Dust. Keep in mind that the recipe will be yellow so be sure to purchase materials plentiful enough to make this all 25 times.

Skill Level 220 - 225
You will need to make 5 Enchant Cloak (Greater Defense) using 15 Vision Dust.

Skill Level 225 - 230
You will need to make 5 Enchant Gloves (Agility) using 5 Lesser Nether Essence and 5 Vision Dust.

Skill Level 230 - 235
You will need to make 5 Enchant Boots (Stamina) using 25 Vision Dust.

Skill Level 235 - 240
You will need to make 5 Enchant Chest (Superior Health) Using 30 Vision Dust.

Skill Level 240 - 245
You will need to make 5 Enchant Cloak (Greater Defense) using 15 Vision Dust.

You will need to work particularly hard to get to the next levels of the game but it will all be worth it to level up quickly.

For a more comprehensive and detailed WoW Enchanting Guide, visit the Ultimate WoW Guide by clicking here.

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Enchanting Leveling Guide

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