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Fishing Leveling Guide Ultimate WoW Guide

When you are playing Worlds of Warcraft, you will need to spend some time fishing if you have chosen it as one of your professions. There are some very important reasons for choosing to use fishing as one of your professions in the game. Fishing is one of the jobs you can choose for yourself in addition to your other professions. This fishing leveling guide will teach you how to fish and how to level up your fishing skills as well as why you should choose this particular job.

In addition to fishing being a good profession for any player, it is also a great way to get some food and finding some lockboxes, which when picked can give you skill points. You also pick up some rare items and make a ton of profit because you can find a lot of gold. You may also find bolts of cloth, potions, armor, and other items. Also you can earn achievements and quests by simply learning how to fish.

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You will eventually need to collect some equipment. You will first need to collect poles; you can use one pole at a time. Some of the poles have bonuses, for example if you have a pole with a bonus of +30 and you already have 80, your new skill will be 110. You can also use your pole as a weapon.

If you do choose the fishing skill, many players would recommend that you learn how to cook in addition. This is important because fish is edible and sells better when you cook it. (Read more about cooking in our WoW Cooking Guide)

Gaining levels in fishing is very easy because there are fishing opportunities in many areas. You can also pick up fishing achievements such as Old Crafty and Old Ironjaw, these can help you level up really quickly, however they may require lots of fish in order for you to actually get them. You may also have rules you must follow to achieve these goals.

You will need to first try to level your fishing skills by catching the lower level fish, cooking them and giving yourself a chance for recovery with combat situations. There are quite a few daily quests that you can go on; these will give you some great fishing gear, in order to get these daily quests you must be at level 70.

Another thing you may want to do is take part in the Strangleborn Fishing Extravaganza, where for a couple of hours on Sundays you will be able to level up and receive rare fishing gear. When you play this extravaganza, you need to use the “+100 Autodynamic Fish Attractors” and also be at level 125 fishing.

When you are fishing, reaching higher levels is not the only goal you have. One is getting poles and the other is receiving fishing gear, where you can get a bonus. There are a lot of different things you can do to get fishing skills once you have made it past level 80.

For a thorough fishing leveling guide that takes you step by step from level 1-450, I highly recommend the Ultimate WoW Guide. It is extremely detailed and comprehensive. Click here to learn more now.

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