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The Ultimate WoW GuideMage Leveling Guide

In this Mage Leveling Guide you'll learn the quickest and easiest ways to level up with a Mage.

When you decide that your class will be a Mage, you will then need to choose which Mage leveling tree you would like to use. Most Mages will lean toward either the fire tree or the frost tree. They each come with their own uses and the abilities they have work well in different situations.

Fire building is great if you want to inflict more damage and have more control of single targets. Frost on the other hand allows you to hit multi targets with more accuracy.

With Fire you will need a lot more downtime when damaged but you'll kill mobs quickly. Frost will take a lot more in order to kill mobs but you save money in their usage.

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If you are not sure which to use then you will need to try both and check out which will better fit you.

However some will suggest trying to go with the fire for your lowest levels such as 1 – 30 and then re-spec to the frost. Allow it 5 levels or so and if you find that you do not like it, then return to fire. You have a chance to try them up till you get to 41 then you will need to make a permanent choice so that you can pick up the main talent at that point.

When choosing a support build, you may want to try Arcane as they have Arcane Missiles and Wand Specialization. These give you more spell damage, and your wand may be invaluable when you run out of your mana talent.

When you first start out Mage Leveling you will want to get comfortable with playing your Mage. The quests are very easy to start with and the mobs are quicker to kill so you can do all of your experimentation here.

Once you get to level 10, it is time to pick up your talent tree and level it up. When you have reached level 14 you will either want to get someone for The Deadmines, if you are an Alliance member, or take on Ragefire Chasm if you are a Horde Member. You will also want to stop by the Wailing Caverns and pick up some much needed levels, which is great for the Horde as it's closer to them.

If your talent is front when Mage leveling, once you have reached your 20th level,it's a good idea to get the Improved Frost Nova, which will be a real help when you are trying to level up. You should also try to get in quite a bit of grinding in places such as Redridge Mountains and the Wetlands, or if you are already at 23 you may want to head on over to Ashenvale to get leveled up.

When you have reached 25 or higher, you may also find it easier to try the Blackfathom Depths and take on some of the quests there to bring in good Mage leveling opportunities.

If you are looking for terrific grinding areas you may try the Hillsbrad Fields or you head on over to Thousand Needles or Raven Hill Tomb and get some leveling there. If you need to get some grinding done these places will have a lot of opportunity and you can level up that much faster.

This is a very brief Mage Leveling Guide. If you want to dominate WoW and your character is a Mage, I suggest getting a detailed and comprehensive Mage Leveling Guide. To read about the most comprehensive WoW Guide which also encompasses a Mage Leveling Guide, visit the Ultimate WoW Guide now.

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