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The Ultimate WoW GuidePaladin Leveling Guide

In this Paladin Leveling Guide you will learn a lot of simple things you can do to guarantee you get the most out of your character, and that you level up in the most efficient way on for details...

When you are just starting out with World of Warcraft, choosing a player class can be a hard job, as each class has their own special abilities that may draw you to that particular class. One of the reasons that some people find that they would rather play the game using the Paladin is because it is one of the few characters that people are noticing can perform a lot of different roles, even if it is not really an expert at any one thing.

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The trade that is best for you if you are a paladin would probably be a blacksmith or an engineer. Blacksmithing gives you excellent benefits such as having great weapons. Paladins have many great abilities such as judgments, auras, heal and seals. Through these spells you are ready to fight and to handle yourself.

When you first start out playing this game you will find that the paladin leveling is quite possibly the most irritating of any of the others, because there is not a lot of things to learn until you actually reach the 30th level, however you will be happy to know that for grinding no one comes close to the ease experienced by the paladin. Also if it is at all possible you may get retribution and want to try to level it up, however, before you do keep in mind that it is not the paladin leveling spec.

Another thing is that you will find that because it only has a very small DPS and it is a hybrid that most people will not bother with it. Some people decide that from 1 to 70 protection is the spec for them and it is great for leveling.

Another action you may want to take at level 70 is to learn the skill of protective tank; this is particularly good against protective warriors and feral druids.

Between the two best builds for the Paladin you must choose the one that most appeals to you. If you are taking the protective build you will find that it is great to have its AoE tanking abilities and will help you get rid of many different types of monsters. With this build you can pick up talents such as Retribution Aura, Consecration, Holy Shield and Retribution which will provide you with great capabilities. However this will let you destroy mobs and heal yourself and your mate if you have a partner. The Talents you will want to learn such as Holy Shield, Blessing of Sanctuary and Reckoning when you are leveling up your Paladin.

You can also decide to be level up your Retribution tree, in this you are fighting a lot of battles where you are just casting a spell then attack then repeat the process. However with this, you may be really good at killing the single lone opponent but you will take a ton of time when you have to fight against whole mobs. You will have to find the seal of command to make it a much faster fight and to bring you those great numbers toward leveling up your paladin.

The best thing about retribution is that you will love using it when you are out questing. Through it you will be more capable of killing off the mobs on quest selectively. You would not get this choice if you were using protection tree for your specs.

With both of these you will find that even though one side has some great abilities on their side, however you will find that they actually level quite evenly.

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