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Penns WoW Professions Guide Review Penns WoW Professions Guide

Reviewer: Seth Symonds
Product Reviewed: Penns WoW Professions Guide

Having your professions maxed out in WoW has many benefits, buts it’s not always easy to reach level 450, in fact, sometimes it’s a real hassle and very time consuming.

Not long ago a new Professions Guide called “Penns WoW Professions Guide” was released. This guide struck my attention because it claimed to teach you how to get your professions to 450 faster and easier than any other guide, I had to check it out.

Here’s my review of Penn’s WoW Professions Guide:

I have absolutely no doubt that anyone who wants to level their professions through to 450 can benefit enormously from Penn’s WoW Professions Guide. This guide is jam packed with high quality information and goes into detail about each and every WoW profession like no other guide does.

Click Here To Visit Penns WoW Professions Guide

Some of the things this guide exposes include:

  • All the best recipes to use to level – these are broken down into a user friendly step by step approach.
  • Where to find the best places to farm the materials you need to level, including detailed farming map. The farming maps that come as part of this guide are extremely useful. You can even keep using them for great profit after you’ve finished levelling your profession.

All 14 of the WoW professions are covered:

  1. Alchemy
  2. Blacksmithing
  3. Enchanting
  4. Engineering
  5. Herbalism
  6. Jewelcrafting
  7. Leatherworking
  8. Inscription
  9. Mining
  10. Skinning
  11. Tailoring
  12. Cooking
  13. First Aid
  14. Fishing

Every single one of these 14 World of Warcraft Professions has detailed documentation explaining exactly what’s needed to level them to 450.

Another thing worth noting is that in WoW not all recipes are learned with the Trainer, there are sometimes much faster and easier ways to level and these are all documented in Penns WoW Professions Guide.

I personally switch between Horde and Alliance at time, that wasn't a problem for me with this guide however as it provides full information on both sides.

Here’s a little detail about what each Profession's guide covers:

  • An overview of the professions
  • Recommendations for pairing of Professions
  • Best ways to make money with each profession
  • Detailed information on Specializing each profession
  • Where all trainers for both Horde and Alliance are located
  • All recipes required for levelling and the order in which you should make them
  • Complete materials lists for each recipe and directions to the best place to farm that material
  • A complete farming list for each section
  • Material Farming maps

The expansion packs, Burning Crusade and WoTLK (Wrath of the Lich King), are both supported by this guide.

A couple of the things that really stood out for me in this guide were:

1. The amount of detail which is given for each profession – there’s no doubt that this guide is far more detailed than other WoW Profession Guide’s I seen

2. The farming maps are priceless. I was really surprised to see that the best locations for framing each material were revealed. These are equally powerful while you are leveling up your profession and once you’ve finished levelling up your profession.

All in all, Penn’s WoW Professions Guide is a top quality product that can benefit both experienced World of Warcraft players and newbie’s alike. I highly recommend this product to all serious WoW players.

Click Here To Visit Penns WoW Professions Guide

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