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Ultimate WoW GuidePriest Leveling Guide

In this Priest Leveling Guide you will uncover a few extremely useful tips and tricks, things that will make leveling your Priest so much faster and on to find out more...

When playing the World of Warcraft, if you decide that you would like to be a Priest you will find that there are many instances of leveling, however all of them will completely depend on how you play the game. If you are a solitary person and like to grind and go on a lot of quest you may decide to pick up the shadow/disc spec. If you are the person who prefers to be a part of a party of other players you will want to take on the holy/disc spec. If you are one of those that like to do a little of both you may try the hybrid tri spec.

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In order to get started with leveling you usually will have to spend time in your own starting area. It is very important that you stay in that area for a while because a lot of times depending on where you start you will get many of the different racial specific types of spell. When you get the chance to get these you don’t want to miss it, especially if you are a Dwarf Priest you should go to Expodar and start your quests there.

When you reach about the 15th Level you may want to take your journey to the Deadmines or to the Ragefire Chasm. You’ll get some quests in these the dungeons that will help you go from level 15 to level 18. Also if you are trying to reach level 20 you will want to try to get in on some grinding.

When you get up to level 21 or better you will be getting the experience you need from the Wailing Caverns or the Deadmines, however you will want to stay away from the Shadowfang Keep or the Blockades until you are past the 30th Level. To get you on your way, you should try the Redridge Mountains for level 20-22, Wetlands for levels 22 to 23 then on to Ashevale for up to 24 and grind if you have not reached level 24 or more. You will then set out for Shadowfang Keep and play the slightly harder area however you can pick up the cloth drops at this junction.

When you have reached level 30, you should give the quests of Razorfen Kraul a shot, they are located in the Barrens and are extremely difficult for the Priest, however once finished, you should have reached level 40.

In order to reach the higher levels you will want to visit Hillsbrad and Stranglethorn Vale, there are many questing opportunities available in these areas. Some of the quests beyond level 40 are extremely difficult to finish for the priest; however the rewards you receive are well worth the effort.

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