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Warcraft Millionaire Review

Warcraft MillionaireReviewer: Seth Symonds
Website Reviewed: Warcraft Millionaire

Warcraft Millionaire is one of the most talked about WoW Gold Guides available on the internet. But does it really fulfil the expectations of its users or is it just another guide feeding you rehashed information? We set about to answer this question once and for all, what we found was on for details...

Here’s what we found…

Warcraft Millionaire is without a doubt a unique and outstanding Guide to WoW Gold Riches.

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So many WoW Gold Guides tell you to use the Auction House, to do daily quests, grind for random stuff, and use your professions to make a little gold…Warcraft Millionaire takes a brand new approach that leaves these mediocre processes for dead.

Before sinking into this review, you might find it useful to know a little more about Brad Johnson, the creator of Warcraft Millionaire. In case you haven’t heard of him, Brad Johnson is a WoW Master who has been playing WoW since its launch in 2004. Brad recently (and controversially) broke the silence on the advanced methods he uses to make ridiculous amounts of gold in WoW. Brad has reached the gold cap on many characters (that’s 214,748 gold 36 silver, and 47 copper per character) and is the guy who made close to a million Gold in WoW. Brad finally came clean with all his secrets, sharing a wealth of knowledge, tricks and tips in his best selling guide called Warcraft Millionaire.

It’s worth pointing out that Warcraft Millionaire is not a magic bullet, using this guide will not make you a millionaire overnight, but it will make myou more gold than you can handle if you follow the simple steps.

Warcraft Millionaire has 8 main modules and also gives you premium membership. Below I have given a brief overview of each module and detailed the key benefits of each module.

The first major component of Warcraft Millionaire is titled the “1-60 Gold Guide”. This guide tells you exactly where you should (and should not) be in Azeroth as well as detailing the exact items you should be buying and the speed at which you should be levelling to get the best returns. The 1-60 Gold Guide also gives you tools which allow you to uncover hot items within minutes – this will save you so much time wasted in mundane trial and error. The guide also reveals how you can pay far less than your competitors for the items you need. You’ll learn where you need to go, who to talk to, and what professions to train in order to access top dollar items. You’ll learn exactly how to make the most gold possible while levelling from 1 to 60.

The second guide you get access to in Warcraft Millionaire is called the “60-70 Gold Making Blueprint”. This guide is specifically designed for making gold in Outland and reveals every method possible way of doing so. Like in the first guide, you discover the exact items you need to be stocking (the ones that will make you rich) and which areas you should be at.

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The third guide titled “70-80 Gold Making Blueprint” is designed to show you exactly how to make a killing in Northrend. This guide is absolutely essential as in Northrend the things you thought you knew about gold making have been turned on their head. This guide exposes the most closely guarded locations for finding the scarcest items.

If you’re just starting out in WoW, the Warcraft Basics guide that comes in the Warcraft Millionaire package is priceless. It gives you a super foundation which allows you cut straight to the chase and start earning gold in the most effective and efficient way possible. I wish I had read this when I started out, not only would I have saved time but also days of frustration!

The 5th part to the Warcraft Millionaire package is a guide which will let you absolutely dominate the Auction House. This guide gives you everything you need to know about the Auction House and tips you can use to rip your opponents to shreds one by one while making a killing at the same time. You’ll get access to extremely useful tools allowing you to unlock massive profits. This guide is the key to knowing when to buy and when to sell.

A Daily Quest Guide is also included for those of you that want to use questing to make your gold. This guide reveals the most profitable daily quests and those that you shouldn’t touch. If you’re short on time then this guide will be priceless to you.

One of the other things that I found extremely valuable in the Warcraft Millionaire package is the Limited Items Report. This report divulges the vast supply of limited items that you can resell to make mega bucks. Every single limited item in WoW is listed with specific information regarding from who and where you can get it. This guide is well worth the price of this product alone.

If you’re like me then you probably hate grinding. If this is the case then the top secret information in the Warcraft Millionaire Grinding Guide will save you a lot of time and wasted effort. This guide lets you in on which items you should be grinding and seeking and how you can quickly transform yourself from a poor low level character into a fearless WoW Master.

The final aspect of Warcraft Millionaire that I want to mention is the premium membership that you are given. This membership will keep you up to date and continue to fill you in on any new or updated insider information.

As you can see, Warcraft Millionaire is a very thorough guide to becoming filthy rich in the Wolrd of Warcraft. I have read a lot of these types of guides over the years, what I like about this one is that it hits on the right topics and provides quality content that’s NOT padded with fluff. The course is simple and easy to understand, and most of all get real results. Warcraft Millionaire is the ultimate Gold Guide.

Warcraft Mllionaire

Click Here To Visit Warcraft Millionaire

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