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Ultimate WoW GuideWarlock Leveling Guide

In this Warlock Leveling Guide you'll learn the keys to fast and successful Warlock Leveling. When you first get started on your Warlock leveling process you will need to decide on which of the classes will most affect you’re you leveling patterns.

You may choose the Affliction talent build, Destruction or Demonology builds. These are the best of the builds for a Warlock, with Demonology being the best of the three.

When choosing which to use you should know that with Affliction you will have short downtimes when you fight the different mobs but it will take much longer for you to kill them. Destruction is better for you to use when you are fighting against one target as you will be able to mow down the mob in just a couple of seconds if you hit them with either Shadow burn or Searing Pain.

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Demonology is in between both of them. It is usually great for leveling if you have a companion or a pet. If you do choose this as your primary tree then you would probably want to choose Affliction or Destruction to use as the secondary tree

When you actually start Warlock leveling you should get an Imp. You can get one from your class trainer, you will have to finish the quest and chances are you will be at level 3. You will also need to combine the use of the spells with the Imp. You will be able to reach level 10 quite easily by just going around the starting area.

When you get to level 10, you will pick up Voidwalker and you will be able to send him in to pick up the mobs aggro then you can eliminate them using your Shadowbolt talent. In the next levels you should gear up using the different drops you'll obtain such as Deadmines and Wailing Caverns.

When you have reached the 20th Level you will then go on the quest to find the Succubus, another one of your pets, this pet is great for questing and grinding.

You'll also need to travel on the Redridge Mountains if you are a Warlock for the Alliance, then on to the Wetlands and then to Ashenvale to get in on a bunch of quests. If you are part of the Horde you will want to head down to the Barrens then on over to the Ashenvale quests. This area will help you to get up to at least level 25.

At this point you should stop using the Deadmines and Wailing Cavern and pick up the Shadowfang and the Stockades. When you are in the Ashenvale area you will want to take the few quests for the Blackfanthom Depths which will get you to skill level 32.

When you are doing the Warlock leveling you must remember that you will want to do a lot of grinding and questing in every area that has quests for you along the way to the highest levels and level up your pets as well.

To access a much more in-depth and comprehensive Warlock Leveling Guide, visit the link listed below:

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