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The Ultimate WoW GuideWarrior Leveling Guide

If you are playing World of Warcraft and you have decided to be a Warrior, then this simple Warrior Leveling Guide will teach you everything you need to know in order for you to reach level 60 quickly and easily. It will teach you the fastest route you will need to take without spending too much time doing unnecessary tasks.

The first thing you will need to do is to tackle the quests you find inside your starting zone. If you have not reached level 6 by the time you have finished the quests found in this area, then you should grind until you do reach that level. This will allow you to be strong enough to take on the next level.

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In Levels 7 through 11 you will move into the second zone and do all of the different quests you find there. Then you will move over to the next zone and continue with those quests until you reach level 12 to 14.

At this point you will move on to Silverpine, then Crossroads and then on to the Stonetalon, all the while doing the quests you find along the way. For this leg of the journey from level 15 to 25, you need to stay away from grinding. Also you will travel to the Wailing Caverns to do a bunch of quests and some looting, until you have leveled your warrior from 19 to 23.

While in these areas, you will also do the chain quests, these are important because once you finish them you will be able to get some great rewards. One thing to remember is if you are one of those people who prefer to play alone, you will want to stay away from the quests that are orange. It is better if you wait till these quests are yellow in color or even green, however don’t do the grey ones at all. Most importantly when choosing your specials skills you will want to learn cooking, first aid and fishing. These quests should help you reach level 26.

Next you will go to either Thousand Needles or the Shimmering Flats and do all the quests offered there, just don’t do the ones that tell you to go to another area. You should do these quests until you finish all the levels between 27 and 37.

Now that you have reached level 37, you will need to attempt the quests at Booty Bay and then go on to Grom’Gol and try to do all of those quests as well. These quests should take you from Level 38 to 44. You will then want to visit Tanaris and Felwood and do their quests till you finish level 45 to level 50.

After you have finished every one of the Tanaris and the Felwood quests you will head over to Un’Goro and do this set of quests. This should take you from Level 51 to Level 54.

Next you will want to go to Wintersprings and do all of the quests; remember it is a good idea to put on the Ardent Dawn Trinket to protect yourself when you are traveling in the plaguelands. These quests should take you from 55 to 57 levels. Then you must go over to Silithus, finishing the quest till you reach level 60. If you do not reach this level you will want to grind till you do reach level 60.

To access a much more in-depth and comprehensive Warrior Leveling Guide, visit the link listed below:

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