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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Alchemy Guide

If you are planning to make WoW Alchemy your profession, you'll want to know how to quickly and easily level up this skill. In thise WoW Alchemy Guide you will learn the basics of Alchemy leveling.

Alchemy works the best if you combine it with the Herbalism skill, with both you are able to save a little money when leveling them up. If you don’t have Herbalism that will mean you have to buy expensive herbs instead of creating them yourself.

WoW Alchemy Guide, Part 1 - WoW Alchemy Apprentice

The first thing you must do to get started with this profession is to find your trainer in the city of Old Azeroth and become a WoW Alchemy Apprentice.

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Skill Level 1 – 60
You will need to make 59 Minor Healing Potions using 59 Empty Vials, 59 Peace Blooms and 59 Silverleafs. You must keep them for later use during the game.

WoW Alchemy Guide, Part 2 - WoW Alchemy Journeyman

At this level you will need to go visit your trainer to learn WoW Alchemy Journeyman.

Skill Level 61 – 110
You will need to make 50 Lesser Healing Potions using 50 Briarthorn and 50 Minor Healing Potion.

Skill Level 111 – 140
You will need to make 30 Healing Potions using 30 Leaded Vials, 30 Briarthorn and 30 Bruiseweed.

WoW Alchemy Guide, Part 3 - WoW Alchemy Expert

At this level you will need to go visit your trainer to learn WoW Alchemy Expert.

Skill Level 141 - 155
You will need to make 15 Lesser Mana Potion using 15 Empty Vials, 15 Mageroyal, and 15 Stranglekelp.

Skill Level 156 - 185
You will need to make 30 Greater Healing Potion using 30 Leaded Vials, 30 Liferoot, and 30 Kingsblood.

Skill Level 186 - 210
You will need to make 25 Elixir of Agility using 25 Stranglekelp, Leaded Vial, and 25 Goldthorn.

WoW Alchemy Guide, Part 4 - WoW Alchemy Artisan

Skill Level 211 – 215
You will need to make 5 Elixir of Greater Defense using 5 Leaded Vials, 5 Steelbloom, and 5 Goldthorn.

Skill Level 216 - 230
You will need to make 15 Superior Healing Potion using 15 Crystal Vials, 15 Sungrass, and 15 Khadgar's Whisker.

Skill Level 231
You will need to make 1 Philosopher's Stone using 4 Firebloom, 1 Black Vitriol, 4 Iron Bar, 4 Purple Lotus.

Skill Level 232 - 250
You will need to make 19 Elixir of Detect Undead using 19 Arthas' Tears and 19 Crystal Vial

Skill Level 251 - 265
You will need to make 15 Elixir of Greater Agility using 15 Crystal Vials, 15 Sungrass, and 15 Goldthorn.

Skill Level 266 - 285
You will need to make 20 Superior Mana Potion using 20 Crystal Vials, 40 Sungrass, and 40 Blindweed.

WoW Alchemy Guide, Part 5 - WoW Alchemy Master

At this level you will need to go to the Outlands and visit your trainer to become a WoW Alchemy Master.

Skill Level 286 - 300
You will need to make 20 Major Healing Potion using 40 Golden Sansam, 20 Mountain Silversage, and 20 Crystal vial.

Skill Level 301-310
You will need to make 10 Volatile Healing Potion 10 Imbued Vials, 10 Golden Sansam, and 10 Felweed.

Skill Level 311-325
You will need to make 15 Elixir of Healing Power using 15 Golden Sansam, 15 Dreaming Glory, and 15 Imbued Vial.

When you have reached the skill level 325 and a personal level of 68 you can then quest for any of the following specializations which are potions, transmutations and elixirs.

For a more comprehensive and detailed WoW Alchemy Guide, visit the Ultimate WoW Guide by clicking here.

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