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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Blacksmithing Guide

Should you find that while playing World of Warcraft that you want to choose WoW Blacksmithing as one of your professions, you will want to learn how to level up your skill as quickly as possible. This WoW Blacksmithing Guide will give you a rundown of exactly what you need to do easily level up your character.

To start with, I recommend that you combine this job with mining, because you are going to need a lot of gold in order to level up in this profession.

WoW Blacksmithing Guide - Part 1, WOW Blacksmithing Apprentice

When you are getting started with this job you will want to go to one of the cities in Old Azeroth and see the trainers about becoming a WOW Blacksmithing Apprentice.

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Skill Level 1-30
You will need to make 33 Rough Sharpening Stones by using 33 Rough Stone.

Skill Level 30-65
You will need to make 50 Rough Grinding Stones by using 100 Rough Stone.

Skill level 66-75
You will need to make 10 Copper Chain Belts using 60 Copper Bars.

WoW Blacksmithing Guide - Part 2, WOW Blacksmithing Journeyman

At this level you will need to go back to your trainer in order to learn how to become a WOW Blacksmithing Journeyman.

Skill Level 76-87
You will need to make 12 Course Grinding Stones using 24 Course Stones. You will need to save the items you make here for later use.

Skill Level 88-100
You will need to make 13 Rune Copper Belts using 130 Copper Bars.

Skill Level 101-105
You will need to make 5 Silver Rods using 5 Silver Bars and 10 Rough Grinding Stones.

Skill Level 106-125
You will need to make 20 Rough Bronze Leggings using 120 Bronze Bars.

WoW Blacksmithing Guide - Part 3, WOW Blacksmithing Expert

At this point, you will want to go to the trainer again to become a WOW Blacksmithing Expert.

Skill Level 126-150
You will need to make 50 Heavy Grinding Stone using 150 Heavy Stones, however should you reach skill level 150 before making this entire product you will need to stop as the recipe will be grey here. You can make them later should you need them.

Skill Level 151-155
You will need to make 5 Golden Rod using 5 Gold Bars and 10 Course Grinding Stone.

Skill Level 156-165
You will need to make 10 Green Iron Leggings using 80 Iron Bars, 10 Grinding Stone and 10 Green Dye.

Skill Level 166-190
You will need to make 25 Green Iron Bracers using 150 Iron Bars and 25 Green Dyes.

Skill Level 191-200
You will need to make 10 Golden Scale Bracers using 50 Steel Bars and 20 Heavy Grinding Stones.

WoW Blacksmithing Guide - Part 4, WOW Blacksmithing Artisans

At this point you will need to see your trainer to become a WOW Blacksmithing Artisan. Also when you have reached the skill level 200, you will get to specialize as either a WOW Blacksmithing Armorsmith, who designs specialized armor or you can specialize into a Weaponsmith and design new and innovative weapons. Weaponsmith's can specialize further once they have reached a certain level as well. You can also become a Hammersmith, Axesmith and Swordsmith. Some of the specializations are particularly hard to reach as they may call for difficult components to acquire. There are many more skill levels to reach but once you get to this level it should be easier.

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