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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Cooking Guide

I have always found cooking to be one of the more enjoyable aspects of World of Warcraft. It's easy and once your skill improves you can earn some nice coin doing it. In this WoW Cooking Guide I am going to show you how to improve your cooking skills, give you tips on what skills that you can take to compliment them, and most importantly show you how to earn gold with the skill.

When you begin playing World of Warcraft you will start out in a sub-zone that is designed to help you get to level 5 or 6 before you have to face the real world of Azeroth. In this sub-zone you cannot train any tradeskills, gathering skills, or secondary skills so concentrate on leveling and earning some pocket change.

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Once you are ready to leave the "newbie" area you can speak to a guard and ask where to find the cooking trainer. The guard will point you in the right direction so head on over and get trained. The first recipe that you are going to learn is spice bread. If you have the cash you can jumpstart your skill leveling by talking to a general tradesman or cooking supplier. There should be one nearby. Buy the necessary ingredients and make spice bread until it turns green. You do not have to do this however. You can head out and start running quests and find items along the way that will help you level your cooking skill for free.

When you are running quests make sure that you hang on to any meat, eggs, and other cooking supplies that drop. One way to tell if an item can be used for a trade is to look at the color of its name. Green, blue, purple, and gold names are for the most part items that you can wear. A gray name usually means that it is junk and just merchant fodder to sell. When you come across a dropped item with a white name it means that it can be used in some form of trade skill. Chances are if it is an animal part or vegetable it is for cooking so save them.

Check back with a cooking trainer often because as your skill goes up more recipes become available. When you are talking to an NPC merchant make sure that you look through the items they have for sale because you might find a recipe that you do not have. There are achievements in the game based on how many recipes that you know and this is an easy way to get them.

As you progress through the level and through the zones keep saving the cooking supplies until you no longer need them but don’t throw them away. Put your excess cooking items on the auction house. You could help someone else who is working on their cooking and earn some cash in the process.

You might notice that the dishes that you cook have stat boosts attached to them. They might boost stamina by a few points when you eat them or other skills. This is why cooking is so lucrative. I won't lie to you and say that every dish sells well because they don’t. Honestly you might not see the big money until you can cook items that come from level 60+ zones but keep at it and you can and will earn real gold.

One thing to consider is that cooking and fishing pretty much go hand in hand. A fisherman cannot process his catch unless he is a cook and a cook cannot have a constant supply of fish unless he is a fisherman. The point here is to grab fishing early in your career and level it when you have time. Some of the high end dishes that earn lots of gold are fish based meals. There are achievements for fishing as well.

Use cooking to your advantage. When you are leveling the stat boosts from the foods that you can cook will help. When you are not in combat you can eat your own cooking to restore hit points and reduce down time. As your cooking gets better you will be able to start selling your products for some very nice gold at the auction house. Last but not least couple your cooking with fishing for maximum profit. Read page 2 of this WoW Cooking Guide for more information about how to level up you cooking skill.

To continue reading this WoW Cooking Guide, go to page 2: Cooking Leveling Guide

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Cooking Guide

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