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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Engineering Guide

Engineering is one of 14 trade skill professions that are available in World of Warcraft and the skills of an engineer are in high demand in the end game. This WoW Engineering Guide is going to give you a general overview of the Engineering profession and tell you how you can make money with it. You'll also learn number of other important tips and tricks.

On page 2 of this WoW Engineering Guide you will find specific information relating to leveling your Engineering Profession - a like to page 2 is provided at the bottom of this page.

Every class can learn engineering but the profession is suited to some classes more than it is to others. While all classes can benefit from the contraptions that an engineer creates I believe that the class that is most suited to it is the Hunter. My reasoning behind this is that Hunters make use of guns, bullets, arrows, and scopes. Other classes use them as well but for the Hunter they are the main weapons.

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The only race that receives a bonus to engineering is the Gnome. This might be an asset at lower levels by allowing you to use schematics at an earlier level than your non-gnome counterparts but by the time you reach the end game you will be just another engineer in the crowd.

Engineering like all other primary trade skills requires a gathering skill to compliment it and supply the necessary materials. Mining is the most effective companion skill of the engineer. So when you leave the newbie zone ask a guard where to find both and engineering and mining trainer. Once you have your training do not forget to purchase a blacksmithing hammer and a mining pick. Later in your career you will learn a schematic that will take the place of both.

The Gnomish Army Knife is the indispensable tool for the engineer and one of the secrets I wanted to reveal in this WoW Engineerng Guide. Though it requires 450 engineering skill to create there is no minimum level to use its normal features. This thing is an engineer's tool kit and includes a Gyromatic Micro-Adjuster and an Arclight spanner, both of which are engineer tools. It also contains a blacksmiths hammer, mining pick, and a skinning knife. As I said these functions are available at any level but in the hands of a Grand Master Engineer this little jewel doubles as a set of Goblin Jumper Cables which can shock a dead character back to life!

Another important thing worth mentioning in this WoW Engineering Guide is that to improve your Engineering skill you will need oodles of metal and stone. This is the main reason why Mining is the ideal gathering skill to go with Engineering. One of the by products of being a miner is that it is one of the best money making skills in World of Warcraft. When you no longer need a certain metal to level your skill you should not stop mining it when you see it. Metal sells very well.

One of the drawbacks to the engineering profession is that the super sweet items that you can make require engineering skill to use or even to wear. This does not mean that you still cannot make a killing as an engineer. There are quests throughout Azeroth that require an engineered item in order to finish and some of the items that you can create are a life saver (sometimes literally) for the higher end player. Field Repair Bots, Scopes, Goblin Jumper Cables, and portable mail boxes are just a few.

As you can see there is money to be made in the Engineering profession. Of course like all trade skills the market is somewhat limited at lower skill levels but you will make enough to do you, not to mention that if times get tough you are a miner as well.

Hopefully you have found part 1 of this WoW Engineering Guide useful, to continue reading this WoW Engineering Guide, go to page 2: Engineering Leveling Guide

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Engineering Guide


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