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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Herbalism Guide

In this WoW Herbalsim Guide I will reveal some of the secrets WoW veterans use to get the most out of the profession as well as giving you a guide to the first 100 levels of the Herbalism profession.

Herbalism, being a gathering skill is ideal for making money. Players are often willing to pay large amounts of gold for a stacks of herbs. The Herbalism profession can be quite lucrative by itself, but when coupled with Alchemy it is even better. When choosing your professions, its a good idea to combine these two skills as it will eventually allow you to multipy your gold earning ability.

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Being a gathering skill, Herbalism has its difficulties especially when it comes to marketing your skill. Other professions are much more straightforward; Leatherworkers make chain armor and leather goods, Blacksmiths create armor and weaponary, and Tailors make cloth armor and containers. Alchemesits will be the main customers for those who use Herbalism. To make the most from your Herbalism skill, keep a close eye on the Auction House as this is where you'll make most of your income.

You should also keep a close eye on the trends within the game. For example, when the Wrath of the Lich King (WOTLK) expansion was launched, some Northrend Herbs were selling for up to 100 gold per stack purely because they were in massive demand. If you can get early action in a trend such as this one, you'll be able to make 1000's of gold in no time. Whenever new patches are being tested, find out as much as you can about the herbs that will be needed in the new recipes, stockpile these herbs then wait for teh Auction house to go crazy.

Another useful tip which can be used to make you a fortune is to take advantage of the email address you recieve when people buy herbs from you in the Auction House. Basically, every time you make a sale in the Auction House you'll get an email with the naame of the player who made the purchase. Start building a list of these names and every so often contact the buyers to remind them of your services and find out what their needs are. By doing this you can easily drum up more business. I have used this method oftens and its not uncommon to end up earning 2 or 3 times the rate you would if you simply sold goods in the Auction House.

Another thing I recommend is that you download the “Gatherer” add on if you are going to collect herbs as it shows you where they are located on the map - this add on will save you a heap of time.

Keep in mind it is good to pick any herbs you should find, because even if you do not need them they can be sold and bring in more gold for leveling your other professions.

I'll now walk you through the first 100 levels of Herbalism giving you more detail about the specific herbs you'll need.

WoW Herbalism Guide, Part 1 - WoW Herbalism Apprentice

The first thing you will need to do is to visit one of the trainers in a city in old Azeroth to become a WoW Herbalism Apprentice.

Skill Level 1 - 50
Herbs: Peacebloom, Earthroot and Silver Leaf.
You can find these herbs in all of the starter zones which are filled with many herbs. The starter zones are Durotar, Dun Morogh, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil, Azuremyst Isle, Tirisfal Glades, Mulgore, and Eversong Woods.

WoW Herbalism Guide, Part 2 - WoW Herbalism Journeyman

At this level you will need to see your trainer so that you can become an Herbalism Journeyman.

Skill Level 51 – 100
Herbs: Mageroyal, Briarthorn, and Stranglekeep.
These herbs can be easily found in the barrens, actually there are a lot of different herbs in the barrens. In addition you can find the herbs in the Silverpine forest, Redridge Mountains, and Loch Modan.

For a more comprehensive and detailed WoW Herbalism Guide, visit the Ultimate WoW Guide by clicking here.

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Herbalism Guide

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