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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Hunter Guide

In this WoW Hunter Guide you will learn some essential information that is going to help you eventually get to level 80 and allow you to totally dominate the realm of WoW.

If you choose to become a hunter, when playing World of Warcraft, you should know that you will spend a great deal of time alone, as the hunter is considered to be a solo player. The only thing that the hunter needs to have is his pet and his weapon.

When you are a hunter, the talent you choose is directly related to the race you are and is a big part of how you will build that talent. The most important thing to remember is that while race is important, there is no particular race that is any better for a hunter. You get to choose between 5 different races; you can be a Dwarf or a Night Elf if you are part of the Alliance and you can be an Orc, Troll and Tauren if you are part of the Horde.

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If you choose the Dwarf you will get a lot more hit points than the rest and if you are a Night Elf you can dodge much better than anyone else plus you pick up the particular skills of your own race. As an Alliance member they will not get a pet till they are at a level 10 and you will notice that it is less common that someone will try to hit you if you are a Dwarf than if you are an Elf. The Dwarves are really great at tracking and that is very important for any hunter.

If you are part of the Horde faction you have a few great options to decide on, you can choose the Orc and the Tauren that normally have more hit points, or the Troll who has quite a bit of dodge ability which means they get hit a lot less often. The best thing about Trolls though is that they regenerate much faster than the other two. Trolls have a higher chance of having thrown weapons but they do not exactly have anything to do with being a hunter. When Hunter leveling you will need to have a rifle, crossbow and a bow so that you can kill things like a good hunter should. The Tauren is quite popular and has many great abilities; however some of the abilities such as herbalism have absolutely nothing to do with being a hunter. The Orcs are the most chosen of all the hunters as they are usually strong, have the right weapon and their pet is powerful so that makes them most likely to be a hunter.

When leveling, the Hunter will start out questing and looking for beasts. They will be running all over doing the highest level of quests that their level will allow. You will definitely like the Earthmother quests. Then you will need to go back home to find the quest you will need in order to get your pet.

When you get to the 10th level it is time to start your more important quests, especially the one to get your pet. You will also learn how to train and feed your pet during the pet quest; in addition you will learn how you are supposed to resurrect your pet. In order to teach your pets how to learn the skills you will need to have skill points.

Next you will need to choose how to build your character; you get to choose from survival, beastmastery and marksmanship. You will need to pick up one and work on building it up. Building up this will give you a way to take better care of yourself and perform your job better. Happy Hunting!

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