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Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Leatherworking Guide

If you choose Leatherworking as your profession when playing Worlds of Warcraft, you will want to know how to get to the highest level using the quickest and least expensive path to get there. In this WoW Leatherworking guide you will learn exactly that.

One of the most important tips is to buy your materials and to do this you will need a lot of gold. You will also want to add skinning to your skills as Leatherworking is best when it is combined with this skill.

To get the Leatherworking skill leveled quickly, the need for gold is great, if you should find yourself running low on gold, you will want to learn how to make gold also. Each of the leatherworking levels has something different you must do in order to get ahead quickly.

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WoW Leatherworking Guide - Part 1, WOW Leatherworking Apprentice

The very first thing you will need to do is go and visit the trainers in one of the cities in Old Azeroth and learn the skill of WOW leatherworking enchantment.

Skill Levels 1-20
You will need to make 19 Light Leathers using 57 Ruined Leather Scraps.

Skill Levels 21-30
You will need to make 10 Light Armor Kits using 10 Light Leathers.

Skill Levels 31-35
You will need to make 5 Hand Stitched Leather Cloaks using 10 Light leather and 5 Course Threads.

Skill Levels 36-65
You will need to make 40 Cured Light Hides using 40 Light Hide and 40 Salt.

WoW Leatherworking Guide - Part 2, WOW Leatherworking Journeyman

At this level you will need to return to the trainer to learn to become a WOW Leatherworking Journeyman.

Skill Levels 66-85
You will need to make 20 Embossed Leather Gloves using 60 Light Leather and 40 Course Threads.

Skill Levels 86-110
You will need to make 25 Fine Leather Belts using 150 Light Leather and 50 Course threads.

Skill Levels 111-115
You will need to make 5 Medium Armor Kits using 20 Medium Leather and 5 Course Threads.

Skill Level 116-125
You will need to make 10 Dark Leather Boots using 40 Medium Leather and 20 Fine Threads.

Skill levels 126-135
You will need to make 10 Dark Leather Cloaks using 80 Medium Leather, 10 Fine Threads and 10 Gray Dyes.

WoW Leatherworking Guide - Part 3, WOW Leatherworking Expert

At this point you will need to return to the trainer to learn to become a WOW Leatherworking Expert.

Skill Levels 136-145
You will need to make 10 Toughened Leather Armor using 100 Medium Leather, 20 Cured Light Hides and 20 Fine Threads.

Skill Levels 146-150
You will need to make 5 Hillman’s Leather Gloves using 70 Medium Leathers and 20 Fine Threads.

Skill Levels 151-165
You will need to make 30 Cured Heavy Hides using 30 Heavy Hides. You will need to keep these as they will be used later on.

Skill Level 166-170
You will need to make 5 Heavy Armor Kits using 25 Heavy leathers, however you will not have to do this step if you are be able to reach level 170 with the completion of the last step.

Skill Level 171-180
You will need to make 10 Guardian Pants using 120 Heavy Leather and 20 bolts of Silk Cloth.

Skill Level 181-190
You will need to make 10 Barbaric Shoulders using 80 Heavy Leathers and 10 Cured Hides.

Skill Level 191-210
You will need to make 20 Guardian Gloves using 80 Heavy Leathers, 20 Cured Heavy Hide and 20 Silken Threads.

WoW Leatherworking Guide - Part 4 , WOW Blacksmithing Artisan
At this point you will need to see your trainer and learn to become a WOW Blacksmithing Artisan.

Skill Level 211-235
You will need to make 35 Nightscape Headband using 175 Thick Leathers and 70 Silken Threads.

When you have reached skill level 225 you will open up the Blacksmithing quests. In this stage you will be able to specialize in making armor, which you can make for yourself only.

There are many more levels to get you to the highest level, you will need hard work and dedication as well as a lot of money to accomplish that.

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Leatherworking Guide

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