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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Mining Guide

***IMPORTANT*** This page is not a WoW Leveling Guide, it's a WoW Mining Guide. If you are looking for a WoW 1-80 Leveling Guide, we highly recommend you check out the The Ultimate World of Warcaft Guide.

This WoW Mining Guide is designed to give you an overview of mining so that you can get started mining immediately.

In order to get started on your mining quest, you will need to first see your mining trainer to learn how to mine and you will need to get a mining pick. It doesn’t matter whether or not your mining pick is enchanted or not, just know that you must have one in order to mine. You may also want to invest in a pair of mining gloves, buy the cheapest pair or if it is at all possible, you may be able to find a pair that is enchanted (this usaully doesn't cost more than 2g).

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It's worth keeping in mind that you will only find the nodes for mining on the side of the mountains, hills and some cliffs. It is important that you also remember that once you have reached the level 50 mining level that you return to the mining trainer so that you can become a journeyman miner.

WoW Mining Guide: Horde Faction
If you are part of the Horde faction , these are the best places to mine:

• Undead: You can start out by stopping at the entrances of the Deathknell and head south following that cliff all the way to you get to the Bulwark. Then you can go up to the north and follow the cliffs all the way to the Scarlet Monastery. Then head west and go south following the cliffs till you come to Agamand Mills. Then you can follow the hills back south till you get where you started from. This path will bring you to a level 40 or 50 miner.
• Tauren: With this one you will be able to pick up your pick and follow the cliffs in this area in a circle and you will be able to reach level 40 to 50.
• Orcs or Troll: All you need to do is do the circuits of Durotar and you will be able to reach levels 30 to 40.

WoW Mining Guide: Alliance Faction
If you are in the Alliance faction, these are the best places to mine:

• Human: You will want to start off in the Goldshire area and go east along that cliff till you reach the Crystal Lakes north side. You should find about 30 to 40 ores there.
• Night Elves: You should head on over to the Darkshore if you are a Night Elf because you will not find any ore in the Damassus area at all. Go first to Ashenvale and follow the cliff all the way around, then you will want to head west to Auberdine to the east and then follow the cliffs all the way to the north and back to the coast and then south to Auberdine. This path should earn you about 40 or 50 mining levels
• Dwarves and Gnomes: Here you really don’t need a path this is the home of miners and you will be able to find ore all over the place. You should be able to pick up 40 to 50 ore.

To continue reading this WoW Mining Guide, read the Mining Leveling Guide (page 2).

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