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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Power Leveling Guide

Power Leveling is a great way to go for those who enjoy the game, after having played once before and now want to get to the higher level to play the game. The question is how can they get to this level and bypass all the other stuff in the first two weeks of playing the game. In this WoW Power Leveling Guide we will begin to answer some of these questions.

When you are beginning your power leveling goal, you will be in your starting area with a lot of new players and a lot of quests, however for levels 1-20 you will ignore quests and other players and stick to grinding in the friendly zones ( this means they are uncontested zones).

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When you get to levels 21 to 26, you will want to do the quests at the Wetlands; you should grind Raptors, Slime and Orcs. Then off to Redridge Mountain for the Lakeshire quests. You will be able to power level fairly quickly.

Next you will go on the Duskwood quests and grind the undead as well as the Hillsbrad Critter Roamers. You will be able to go from 27 to 30 skill levels.

You can then move on to Doggerspines at the Hillsbrad area close to Southshore next to the coast. You will find that this area has a really fast re-spawn rate and you may find that the mobs found here are really easy to kill. Then you can head to the Purgation Isle, (which is located on the Southwest side of Hillsbrad) while you are here you should get in as much grinding on the Undead of the area as you can. This course of action should take you from level 31 to 35.

When you get to the next group of levels you want to start out with the Hillsbrad Southshore quests then head on over to the Desolace quests. When you have finished here, you should grind in Kodo until you go from level 36 to 38. After that you will grind the Undead Ravagers from level 39 to 40. Then you will be off to Arathi to defeat mobs that are fairly quick and easy to kill. Then back to grinding the Ogres from Alternak and the Kobolds from Arathi. All of these activities should get you from 36 to 41 power levels.

Next you will grind the Trolls, Wwolves and Owlbeasts in the Hinterlands. You will also grind the Ogres and Gnolls in the Badlands as well as doing the quests there. This means that you will level from 42 to 45.
You could also take the quests from Tanaris and grind the Pirates on the peninsula. You can also take the Stranglethorn Vale quests then grind at the Badlands, that would get you from level 46 to 48.

If you are looking for an easy way for power leveling when playing World of Warcraft, these easy tips will get you from 1 to 48 really quickly so that you can be through the game without doing everything you would have done if you just started out and repeating everything you did the first time you played the game.

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