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Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide Review

zuggys gold mastery guideReviewer: Seth Symonds
Product Reviewed: Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide

I decided to go ahead and write a review for “Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide” after receiving a heap of requests for it from our subscribers over the past couple of months.

The most common quest was whether or not Derek Hales (Zuggy) Gold Guide was the real deal.

Let me tell you right now that it lives up to the hype 200%.

Click Here To Visit Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide

For those of you who don’t know, Derek Hales (Zuggy) is a World of Warcraft Gold Master who’s been playing WoW since its beta launch in October 2004. In that time he’s perfected gold making boasting weeks in which he’s earned over 39,000 in gold. Derek Hales has played all realms of WoW and is one of the true WoW experts having taught 1000’s of people how to dominate the game.

Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide goes into great detail to explain the secrets he has used over the past 4 years to rack up ridiculous amounts of gold.

So, what exactly is included in Zuggy's package?

Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide is actually made up of 7 different modules. I’ll now go into detail to explain what each module contains:

Module 1: Zuggy’s Auction House System

This module will be of use to players of all levels as both basic, and advanced Auction House strategies are discussed. In this guide Zuggy’s explains how you can easily uncover secret niches in a range of markets in World of Warcraft.

Derek also includes a buying strategy guide which informs you the items you should be watching out for and when. This guide also works through some eye-opening Selling Strategies that all the WoW pros are using. Finally in this module you get a full list of “hot items” that Zuggy himself targets on a day to day basis. By knowing these items alone you’ll be able to up your earnings dramatically.

Module 2: Zuggy’s Secret Grinding Techniques

This module of Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide details the exact items professional farmers have been farming for years. You step by step guidance meaning that you’ll be able to start farming hundreds of gold per hour in next to no time. This guide is topped of by the fact that it includes specific maps and examples of what you should be farming next in order to keep dominating the WoW economy.

Module 3: Professions Gold Mastery

Many people have the belief that Professions are very limiting in the amount of gold they can produce. This guide smashes that theory and exposes how to best use the most lucrative professions to make even more gold. You’ll also discover the exact locations that provide the best returns for all of the gathering professions.

Module 4: Tools, Tips, and Tricks

This part of Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide reveals a few things you can do to help streamline the entire gold making process. You’ll be able to save massive amounts of time and money by using the tools and tips mentioned in module.

Module 5: Zuggy’s Limited Supply Items Guide

It’s not surprise that rare items are the most lucrative in the Auction House in World of Warcraft. In this guide Zuggy give you an entire list of where to find all of the rarest items in WoW. The list is extremely thorough and breaks each item down to the smallest details including the name of the person who has the item and their exact location. Once you’ve got these items you’ll be able to sell them off for mega bucks in the Auction House.

Module 6: Daily Quests Guide

The guide makes completing daily quests a breeze, it’s a must have if you want to save as much time as possible.

Module 7: Zuggy’s Total Access Club

If you ever find yourself stuck in any part of WoW, the personalized support and advice offered to members of this exclusive club will prove priceless. With access to this club you’ll also stay up to date and informed with all of the ongoing changes that affect the way you earn gold in the Wolrd of Warcraft. For me this "total access pass" really topped of Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide.

As you can see, Zuggy’s Gold Mastery Guide to WoW riches is very comprehensive and leaves no stone unturned. I found the step by step nature of this guide and the way it is broken down into different modules makes it very easy to use and implement.

All in all this is a guide that is suitable to both beginners and advanced WoW players alike. It takes all the complexity out of making gold and exposes real ways to rake in over 500 gold per hour.

Click Here To Visit Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide

zuggys gold mastery guide

Click Here To Visit Zuggy's Gold Mastery Guide

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