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WoW Cooking Leveling Guide The Ultimate WoW Guide

Note: This is page 2 of the WoW Cooking Leveling Guide. Read page 1 here: WoW Cooking Guide

Below you will find a series of steps that will help get you through the initial levels of the Cooking Profession.

For the cooking profession you'll need to buy a large amount of recipes and a lot of cooking equipment. You should learn how to cook as fast as you possibly can through out the game. You will also need a ton of spices as well so be sure to buy as many as possible early on. You'll also need to get some Simple Wood as well as Flint and Tinder; these are needed to make a Basic Campfire in order for you to cook with.

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Cooking Guide

WoW Cooking Leveling Guide, Part 1 - WoW Cooking Apprentice

In order to start this profession you will need to go to one of the cities of Old Azeroth in order to learn how to be a WoW Cooking Apprentice.

Skill Level 1 – 40
You will need to make 60 Spice Breads using 60 Mild Spices and 60 Simple Flours.

Skill Level 41 -80
You will need to make 40 Smoked Bear Meats using 40 Bear Meats. Usually you would use bears for this level but if you find wolves you will also be able to make Spiced Wolf Meat as well.

WoW Cooking Leveling Guide, Part 2 - WoW Cooking Journeymen

At this level you will need to return to your trainer so that you can become a WoW Cooking Journeyman.

Skill Level 81 – 130

To accomplish this cooking assignment you will first need to go to Ashenvale and then go to the Zoram Strand which is on the north west of the sea. Here you will make Boiled Clams using 1 Calm Meat (this is found in Small Barnacled Clams) and 1 Refreshing Spring Water. You will also need to make 1 Crab Cake using 1 Crawler Meat and 1 Mild Spices.

If you are in the alliance you will also be able to purchase the recipe as you will also kill Crawlers as well, however it is recommended that you not sell your Crawler Claws.

At this level Alliance members will want to make Cooked Crab Claw using 1 Crawler Claw and 1 Mild Spice.

Skill Level 131 – 175
At this point you will notice that Raptors will drop some of their Raptor Flesh, be sure that when you get this that you do not sell it or get rid of it, as you will need it at the next step.

You will also need to make 50 Curiously Tasty Omelets using 50 Raptor Eggs and 50 Hot Spices.
When you have reached skill level 150 you will have to buy the Expert Cookbook in order to get to the higher levels of the Cooking trade.

Skill Level 176 – 225
You will need to make 50 Roast Raptors using 50 Raptor Flesh.

WoW Cooking Leveling Guide, Part 3 - WoW Cooking Artisan

At skill level 225 you will get the quest to collect certain items which you will need to return to the quest giver. You will need to make 12 Giant Eggs for this level but you will want to make 37 because you will need 25 in your next levels. In order to find them you will need to farm the Owlbeasts that are found in Winterspring. In addition you will want to find and kill turtles and farm the 10 Zesty Clam Meats down at the shore as well. You will have to make 10 Zesty Clam Meats (in the Big Mouth Clams) and 20 Alterac Swiss as well.

Note: This is page 2 of the WoW Cooking Leveling Guide. Read page 1 here: WoW Cooking Guide

For a more detailed WoW Cooking Leveling Guide that takes you right thrugh to level 450, I highly recommend you visit the Ultimate WoW Guide as this includes a comprehensive WoW Cooking Guide. Click here to learn more...

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Cooking Guide

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