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The Ultimate WoW GuideHorde Levelling Guide

NOTE:This is page 2 of the WoW Horde Levelling Guide, for page 1 go to: Horde Leveling Guide

Picking up from where we finshed up on page 1...

Horde Levelling Guide - Level 32 - 36
At level 32 it will be time to head back up north until you come to you come to Desolace, there you will go to the South west portion of that particular zone until you grab the quest at the Kodo Graveyard Outpost as you keep going to your destination of Shadowprey Village. When you have reached this area you will want to do the quests you find until you have reached level 36, again you will want to grind till you reached that level if you have not done so already.

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Horde Levelling Guide - Level 36 -39
Once you have done the quests you have needed to reach the level 36, it will be time to head south till you come to Feralas, there you will go along the flight pat when you get to Camp Mojache then on to the Thousand Needles, keep going north from there until you come to the Barrens, then head east till you reach Dustwallow Marsh. You will do all the quests in this area until you get to level 39. Don’t forget if you have not reached that level yet just grind till you reach it. You may also want to take on some of the quests in Arathi Highlands if you find you do not have enough quests to get you up to level 39.

Horde Levelling Guide - Level 39 – 45
After finishing your quests and getting up to level 39 it is time to move on into Feralas, you can accomplish this by heading back along the Feralas Flight path to the inn and go ahead and Fly out to Feralas. You will find a lot of quests when you get to Feralas, enough to get you up to the 45th level. Somewhere in the middle you will want to do some grinding in this area in order to actually reach level 45. Keep in mind that after reaching level 40 there are some quests but they will be less valuable for your experience so you will definitely find more benefit from grinding.

Horde Levelling Guide - Level 45 – 50
After reaching level 45 you will want to go ahead to a place called Tanaris. Once you are there you will visit a place called Gadgetzan which has a ton of quests, if you do all those quests, also since you are in the Tanaris area take on the quests at the Zul’Farak and that should get you all the way up to level 50.

Horde Levelling Guide - Level 50 – 55
When you reach level 50 it is time to head out till you come to the Western Plaguelands where you will find that a lot of quests await you. A word of advice is to take on the Caldron Quest and they are among the better ones for leveling. Once you get to level 55 you are technically ready to move on to the next leg of the journey however, you may want to stick around till level 56.

Horde Levelling Guide - Level 56 – 60
When you get to this level it is now time to jump over to the Silithius, where you will want to head into the Cenarion Hold Village and do as many of the quests till you get up to level 60, at this point you may want to go to the Dark Portal and do the quest at the Hellfire Peninsula which will start you on your way to the next set of levels.

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