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The Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Mining Leveling Guide

***IMPORTANT*** This page is not a WoW Leveling Guide, it's a Mining Leveling Guide. If you are looking for a WoW 1-80 Leveling Guide, we highly recommend you check out the The Ultimate World of Warcaft Guide.

Note: This is page 2 of our Mining Leveling Guide, page one is here: WoW Mining Guide

How To Reach the Mining Ore level of 66 – 125

Whether you are a Horde or an Alliance member you will need to follow the same path for these levels. Both will need to go up to the Wetlands till you come to Thelgan Rock, you will find a cave there and you will be able to mine there till you come to about 125. There is a quest but it is only for the Alliance. Here the nodes will fill up quickly again after you empty them so you can level up rather quickly. Another thing to remember though is that here the ore is just about worthless so you are just here to level up.

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You can also try a few other places to mine that will help you quickly pick up a lot of ores, tin, copper and iron ores.

Wetlands: You will want to start at the Dun Modr and follow the cliffs to Raptor Ridge.

Redridge Mountains: Start in the Lakeshire and head towards the north to the Rethban Caverns and take that to Renders camp

To reach mining ore level of 126-1755

This section of mining is for both the Horde members and the Alliance members, once they have made it this far it is fairly easy to get to the higher levels.

First you will want to go through the Thousand Needle area and the Shimmering Flats area.

Try out the Desolace area, if you are in the Horde go to Shadowprey Village and go over to the Valley of Spears, then follow through to the Kodo Graveyard then continue to head east to the Shadowbreak Ravine. Then you should follow through to the Mannaroc Coven on to the west. If you are a member of the Alliance, start at the Nijel Point and go on to Sargeron, next go on south to Kolkar Village then go south to the Horde and run on west to Kodo Graveyard.

Then you will want to head on over to the Ashenvale Area, from the entrance then on to the Barrons and head to the west. Head down to the river and head north, staying near the river bank and you will be able to find mining spawns on both sides. Follow along that river all the way to just before you get to Xavian. You will find there are some other areas in this section to check out as well.

After you are done in Ashenvale, you can head to the Badlands and start with the Apocryphens Rest and then go on down to the south till you come to Camp Cagg, then go east to Mirage Flats, Then you can take the cliff till you come to Camp Boff.

There are a lot of other ways that you can actually go in order to get to this level. Also when you get to this point you will need to go to your mining trainer and become an Expert Miner. There are going to be tons of other mining places, just remember that most of the mining areas are along the cliff faces and the hills as well as being along the rivers in some cases.

I hope you've found this mining leveling guide useful and gained some valuable information. For a much more detailed mining leveling guide that includes maps and exact mining coordinates (as well as many other tips and tricks), visit the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide.

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

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