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Ultimate WoW GuideWoW Paladin Guide

Note: This is page 2 of the WoW Paladin Guide. Read page 1 here: Paladin Leveling Guide

When you are leveling the Paladin, the type of equipment you wear is important if you raiding. You will find that you need something for your helm, (X-52 Technicians), neck (necklace of Eternal Hope), back (Avian Cloak of Feathers), shoulders (Spaulders of the Righteous or Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons), check (Breastplate of Many Graces or Leonine Breastplace), belt (Light Wanders Girdle), legs (Consortium Plated Leg guards and legplates of the Righteous), boots (Ornate Boots of the Sanctified), rings (celestial jewel ring), trinkets (Bangle of Endless Blessings), weapons (Hammer of the Penitent), shield (Silver Moon Crest Shield), Two Handed Weapons (Torn Heart Axe of Battle), and Librams (Blessed Book of Negrand). This equipment will protect you from getting hurt when you are grinding and when you are raiding others.

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Paladin Guide

Remember the Paladin is one of the hybrid classes who have many skills but the most important is the healing and the buffing. The Paladin is an integral part of a party or group of raiders. There are many different roles and types of Paladin leveling specs to choose from.

When working with Paladins you will need to let them remain the way they are, meaning they are able to do a little bit of everything as they are hybrids instead of trying to specialize them. Also remember when choosing your class that each one has very specific quests that often get very hard as you go along. Again if you choose to use a good Paladin leveling guide you will be able to get through it easily. Also make sure you have adequate equipment as some work better depending on the level you have made it to. Lastly if you do choose this route, be sure you level your character along with the profession that you choose.

Be sure that when you choose a job for your Paladin you read about how to level up your skill as well as your own personal levels. In addition you will also want to choose the proper equipment to enhance your skills and to help you when you are in the middle of grinding to level up or you and your friends are raiding someone else and their group. This is very important when you are doing Paladin leveling activities and learning to get to the upper levels.

Note: This is page 2 of the WoW Paladin Guide. Read page 1 here: Paladin Leveling Guide

For a more detailed WoW Paladin Guide I highly recommend you visit the Ultimate WoW Guide as this includes a comprehensive WoW Paladin Guide. Click Here to learn more...

Click Here To Visit the Ultimate WoW Paladin Guide

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